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? well good morning. here's a live look of the city of oakland from the roof camera. steve will tell you what the weather. >> we'll get a quick look at the weather and traffic. steve? >> the low that's been playing in the weather all week long, it's finally rolling north. mendocino county, still possible with some showers. and also moving in cool air aloft. even inland has cooled down. 62. we'll go for a high of 66. same as yesterday. not much changing. lots of 50s in the temps. and also mountain view. fairfield, 25 miles an hour. oak -- oakland. and with that in place, we have the sea breeze. there's going to be some clouds to the east much it's moving
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rapidly north. as it does, it will take the cloud cover with it. the fire concerns are lifting north. morning fog and mostly sunny. some clouds in the north bay, and east bay. and little breezy at times. temperatures, 60s to 80s, to many. temperatures, it looks like it will stay right here. here's sal. >> northbound 280 in san jose, we will start there. traffic does look good. if you happen to be driving downtown, we'll show you on the maps what highway 87 looks like. the road centers are doing pretty well with no major problems getting all the way to the san jose international airport. matter of fact, traffic tps continues to move really well. when you see green, a little bit of yellow, fremont, that's mostly good. you got to deliver in the valley. there are no major problems,
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from this point, where we're starting to watch the commute. that's looking pretty good all the way to dublin. bay bridge toll plaza, westbound, the traffic is moving nicely getting into san francisco. 5:01, let's get back to the desk. >> to the continuing coverage of the huge wildfire raging out of control near yosemite national park. this morning, hundreds of firefighters are battling the rim fire. it's burned now burned more than 6,000 acres in sierra national foothills. at one point, the big flames came dangerously close to the fire command post. ktvu news crew took some dramatic video of the very dangerous situation. >> we have a lot of crews working here. we're trying to put the best plan forward. >> it's a dicey situation right now. >> the fire is dynamic. we have to be ready to go.
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>> crews set backfires that kept the flames from moving to the command post. the fire has destroyed at least two homes and threatening thousands of others and it's moving closer and closer to yosemite national park. at last check, the fire is just 10 miles an hour. meanwhile, the california's coastal redwood trees are usually resistant to wildfires but not any more. the reason why the iconic trees are at risk. warnings in oakland about two men posing as pg&e workers who robbed two elderly men. the police say the fake workers told the workers they had to check a utility easement and wanted to go in the backyard. it didn't raise any concerns because it recently received letters about the home inspections. >> the two men went to check
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the easement. while it was occurring, someone was inside their house burglarizing their homes. >> the suspect stole $5,000 worth of cash and jewelry. both suspects are described ages his panic. one between 40-year-old, wearing a hard hat, gloves and dark clothing. the other one 55-50-year-old wearing a fisherman's hat. yesterday, two men were posing as pg&e workers. a large marijuana grow operation in hayward is under investigation. firefighters, where they were fighting a house fire. pot plants nearly spilled out of the garage. >> firefighters found nearly 200 marijuana plants when they busted the garage.
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you could see the remnants. the sheriff's department actually cut them and took them away. you could see how expensive with the fertilizer. had we pan out, you could see it's an extensive lighting system. luckily no one was here. neighbors were the ones to call 911. firefighters first broke the front door. when they discovered the faulty wire, they decided to fight the fire with fire extinguishers. >> we didn't want to injure the firefighters with the water conducting electricity. >> pg&e ended up cutting the power to minimize the danger. some marijuana plants, some that grown to 5 feet tall. obviously they have been removed and have been destroyed. and the mirror is blown out so it's really looking like an electrical fire at this point.
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and san jose police need help to find a man who has been missing for a week. 44-year-old larry morris was last seen at 11:00. police say morris has a mental capacity as a 2-year-old and is at risk. he's described as white man, 5 feet tall, 160-pounds much he was last seen wearing a dark green t-shirt and camouflage shorts. business leaders have been alerted by police about a rash of robberies including two last night. details of the overnight crimes. good morning, katie. >> reporter: the two are the latest on a string of two robberies that happened within close proximity. witnesses described a similar robber description in all four
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cases. the pet food express behind me was hit last night at 6:00. down the road, the ups store was robbed around 6:30. concord police are looking for evidence in that location in the vineyard center. we're still trying to confirm what threat the robber used. we have learned he may be the same man who robbed two others stores last saturday. as you could see on the map all the locations are in the same area. and claycord says witnesses described the suspect as a white man with a bushy gray mustache. he looked homeless and was carrying a gun. clayton police officers patrolled this area. they say they are concerned about their shopping center which is nearby. the suspect they have is carrying the same weapon as
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well. ktvu. the bart strike still a possibility. contract talks between bart and the unions, they have been on hold since august 11. the governor called a 60 day cooling-off period. and many business leaders are calling on the governor to get personally involved in the contract talks. the poll published in today's chronicle shows voters in three bay area counties support bart. they would back measures to raise taxes to improve the transit system. the poll was not released but it was brought up often by the bart managers and its unions. an australian wine maker withholdings in the bay area, must discard more than half a
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million cases of white wine. they tell the press democrats, the bottlings stayed on the shelves too long. the company will lose more than $3 million. it owns several companies, in son noma. and the next phase of the wine harvest sunday way. workers began picking savignon grapes. and that's because some unusually warm weather. earlier, harvest of grapes for sparkling wines started in napa valley. an iraq war veteran in a frantic search in the south bay. the missing dog has caused a personal crisis. ups makes a major cut on the health insurance of 15,000
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employees. why they blame the move on president obama? and high level clouds, thunderstorms are also moving north. are we done with these yet? also, let's take a look towards the weekend. all of this coming up in weather.
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. time now 5:12.
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ups making cuts in health insurance. they say they will eliminate insurance to 15,000 people who are married to ups employees. those spouses are eligible for their own health insurance by their own employer. they are expected to pay more than 11 percent because of the affordable act. >> many californians don't know they can get health insurance at no or reduced charge through obama care. 66 percent of people expect implementing the law will be a success. only 25 percent of voters under 65 say they've heard about the affordable care act. 48 percent of low-income voters know they are eligible. president obama will be on the road talking about college education.
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it includes stops in new york and pennsylvania. the ktvu collette campbell from the washington, d.c. newsroom. president is proposing how to make college accountable and affordable. >> president obama wants to create a system. it will be based on measures, tuition, graduation rates and debt and income of graduates and how many low-income students are enrolled in the schools. by 2018, he hopes it will be tied to financial aid. students with larger rates of colleges will receive more affordable loans. that move will require new legislation in congress. right now it's based on the number of students enrolled in a college regardless of the graduation rate or how much student debt grows much the white house says the average graduating senior in california has over $19,000 in student
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debt. just how much the cost of public colleges has gone up, i'm working on that story for you and will have it. and the government is continuing to attack rebel held areas near da masscas. it follows an attack that included the use of chemical weapons. the opposition says at least 100 people died. many were women and children. the united nations would like the inspectors, already in syria, to investigate the claim. >> this represents no matter what the conclusions are, a serious escalation. with grave humanitarian consequences. >> the syrian government says the claims it used chemical weapons is baseless. if the use of chemical weapons is concerned it will add pressure to the u.s. to get new
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conflict. new information on the surf instructor in santa cruz accused of molesting young girls. dillard grannier has been charged with conducting lewd acts, and reporting girls on -- recording girls in a surf room dressing room. police found thousands of images of girls on his phone and on his computer. they received calls from possible victims, some that lived as far as new york. he's held on $1 million dollars. joseph naso could face another murder trial despite this week's verdict. tuesday, jury found him guilty of killing four women in crimes that date back in the 1970's. prosecutors in nevada county are waiting until after naso is
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nascentenceed. the office says it will be a waste of taxpayers money to have another trial if he's sentenced to death. hundreds of trees in the mount fusso forest will be chopped because of a growing fire danger. uc san francisco owns o the land. on monday, the university will remove 1200 small trees. the san francisco fire department recently warned the university to clear 100 feet of space around buildings near the open space reserve. removing the trees will help to protect homes along the preserve as well as the ucsf medical center. a new study says iconic's coastal redwood trees are no longer resistant to wildfires. researchers say that's because a disease called sudden oak death is drying out the forest and making wildfires worst. redwoodings are usually not affected by the disease.
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researchers say redwoods are in forest with other trees, the redwoods would be vulnerable to fires. >> that would be tragic. >> i love the trees. >> what's happening towards sfo airport. >> if you're leaving san francisco, dave, torry, it could be a slow down. and they'll look at it via the map system. southsouthbound 101. i think we have the maps. southbound 101, as you drive down the peninsula. there's a crash that's being cleared. it's there sings -- since 2:30 in the morning. one of the things you should be aware, it's normally not that way this early in the morning as you drive south. give yourself an extra 10-15 minutes to get to the airport. this is a look at the peninsula and traffic on southbound 101. it's moving very nicely as you drive all the way down to san mateo. on the san mateo bridge, if
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you're trying to get there toward hayward, westbound and eastbound on the span. no trouble if you're driving toward the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic is looking pretty good into the city. 5:18. let's go to steve. >> low pressure system is been here for a while. it's around cave mendocino. it's picked up the cloud bank so that's there. fire conditions for the rim fire-- i'd rather see a westerly breeze. this is at 3900 feet, by the way. southeast at 8. humidity very low. 12 percent. it should be better but the containment is 5% over 16,000 acres. keep an eye on that. i would think the thunderstorm would move out. 48 in tahoe. and expect 90s down in the desert. that's what we have. 50s and 60s on the temps.
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i don't think too many will change. concord, liver more. and other stations are cloudy. napa county and nim county, and no doubt about it. westerly breeze in place. i think they will settle where they were. and unless you're really far. you could see some lightning, popping up northeast california, near quincy. maybe towards susanville. the low itself wrapping around there. the flow around that could swing into mendocino county and lake county. the low is lifting north. after today, it will be far north. partly sunny, partly cloudy. clouds maybe north, maybe east. maybe a little mr. drizzle. thunderstorms are possible to the high. the fog forecast, the usual. peels to the coast. tonight, it will ramp back up and start moving inland. and morning fog sunny. little breeze at times, westerly breeze as well.
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some of that could be pretty gusty in a few spots. lot of 80s. 60s and 70s for many. lot of 70s towards the north bay. 80 santa clara. and mainly 70s in the peninsula. 76 in santa cruz. pop up on the temps on friday. below average temps as we go to the weekend. >> 5:20. the major european markets open with gains this morning. mainly all the asian markets close with losses after the release of the minutes. and investors are reacting to signals the fed will phase out the massive stimulus program. there's no indication when the phase out could begin. some investors were taking no chances and began selling off stock immediately. south korea was down 1 percent and only hong kong showed a modest gain. investors in the u.s. are looking for a market. the dow sank, as again, traders were pondering the possibility,
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the fed would end the bond buying program in the near future. the nasdaq was down 13. s&p was down 9. it looks like the futures are higher right now. keep an eye on hue hewlett hewlett-packard stock. they reported a profit of $1.4 billion during the latest quarter. that's after losing nearly 9 billion during the same time last year. earnings was slightly less than investors expected. shares are down right now on premarket trading. time is 5:20. there's a billboard. and some residents say this is promoting more than just good food. improving the school bus safety. what common problems investigators found right here.
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[ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch from electricity to gas to extend your drivingge.
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that's american ingenuity to find new roads. ♪ the 2013 volt. charge ahead of the rest in the hov lane. ♪ . welcome back. time is 5:25. as california students are going back to school, the highway patrol is making sure school buses are safe. buses that don't pass inspection, they are put out of service. the inspectors look for things like loose bolts on the buses. an inspector in san mateo county says he hasn't come up with any major problems. >> i find violations on them as far as finding outrageous
5:26 am
violations. in my six years of doing this, no i've never found just totally gross negligent violation. >> the bus drivers also play a key role. under law each driver is responsible for checking out the bus before they pick up children and report any problems. 5:25. people in san mateo county are being warned to keep an eye out on a mountain lion that may be roaming the area. it was spotted near fertollo road. officials say mop tan lions try to avoid confrontation. if you see one, do not approach it. it could give scientists new information about the species much the whale beached itself on monday and eventually died. before the scientists were able to bury it in the sand, they
5:27 am
were able to collect organs. the large whales typically die at sea making it possible for scientists to study the animals. what hannah anderson is saying about the relationship she had about the man accused of taking her? a huge wildfire continues to burn out of control as it moves closer to yosemite. we'll tell you about the number one concern in the fire lines. east bay is beginning to show wear and tear on some of the freeways. 680 is not one of them as you head south. >> the low responsible for the clouds and thunderstorms is moving north. is it far enough north so that lightning now is out of the forecast? goodnight.
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thanks, olivia.
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. here's something nice to wake up to. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 news. we're just five days away with the bridge being shut down. we'll give you a new view on what it's going to be like to drive in the eastern span. good morning. august 22nd, it's thursday. i'm dave clark. >> the main weather factor this whole week, has been that low. south or even west of us, it's
5:31 am
north of us. it's moving pretty fast. and it could be in some clouds. mendocino, lake county, maybe the possibility of thunder showers, showers. hayward district will start cloudy. under sunny, mostly sunny skies. san francisco stuck in the pattern. night and morning fog giving temperatures slightly average. and went for the highs of 66. may be warmer tomorrow but it's mostly low clouds. redwood city, san jose, all in the category. concord 57. quincy, maybe susanville. as it does, it takes the clouds. northern sonoma. mendocino county, seeing lightning strikes. overall, the north, the weather goes from partly cloudy skies to mostly sunny. the wind is out of the west for
5:32 am
most. a little breezy at times. 60s, 70s and 80s for many. travis at 84. and here's sal. >> right now traffic is doing well. we found out about a bart delay on the system. this is a 20 minute delay from the airport to pittsburgh because of some equipment problems in part. you see muni and caltrans don't have any delays. it's nice to a good start. 20 minute delays from sf airport to the pittsburgh area because of equipment troubles. let's go to live pictures. i want to show you the traffic in westbound bay bridge is moving on pretty well. it looks pretty good. no problems getting into the city. if you're driving on northbound 880, it looks like traffic looks well. you see some flashing lights. it could be some left over road
5:33 am
work. now go to the desk. raging wildfire, hundreds of firefighters are battling the rim fire. at one point yesterday afternoon, the big flames came dangerously close to the fire command post. our ktvu news crew took some videos. crews kept the flames from moving into the command post. more than 1,000 firefighters are on the front lines battling the growing fire. brian flores is in the newsroom with the progress they are making this morning. brian? >> reporter: no question they are battling bravely. in terms of progress, the number we're hearing the fire is only at 5% containment. the fire has destroyed at least two homes, is threatening thousands of others. it's also moving closer to yosemite national park. at last check, it was 10 miles away. officials say they are keeping ap eye on it. >> we are concerned, however,
5:34 am
it's not a threat at this time. >> it's quite some distance still to get there? >> it is a distance. the fire is a distance from yosemite national park. >> the rim fire has also charred more than 16,000 acres. when we get new numbers, the numbers are expected to increase. the direction of the fire is expected to head north and then east. the use of fix wing aircraft and firefighters will be key. it's expected to spread to the north and the steep terrain is making it difficult to fight the fire. coming in the next hour, we'll explain how fire resources not only battling this fire, but others are running thin. ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. san francisco's public utility commission is keeping a big eye of the big fire near yosemite and the possible impact on the bay area's water
5:35 am
supply. the hechy system pipes water from the fire zone to yosemite to 2.2 million people in the area. the biggest concern is ash from the wildfire could float into the reservoir. bayback high school in berkeley is hundreds of miles away from the fire to yosemite. students found themselves in the middle of the fire when the flames took an earlier turn this week. the fast-moving fire roared right toward their camp where they were having the yearly retreat. students took the cell phone videos when they were ordered to evacuate. they had 15 minutes to pack up and get out and they were forced to leave almost everything behind. >> when the fire came racing out of the canyon, it felt like we got out in time. >> the students and staff want to get -- go back to get their
5:36 am
gear. meantime, they plan to continue their retreat but back at their campus in berkeley. two other camps are now rustic ghost towns much the happenedful of people that are left in camp mather, they packed up and left yesterday. the tualap camp is also empty because of the wrield fire. you could get more information on the rim fire by going to the website, they also have unedited video from the fire lines. parents of eight developmentally student are suing their teacher and several schools around brentwood. the she claims she physically and mentally abused them as well as neglected them. the other school district workers are being sued for not reporting suspicions of abuse. a state committee will soon investigate how california
5:37 am
universities handle sexual asalet cases. yesterday, nine uc berkeley students who filed a federal complaint testified at capitol hill. the state capitol rather. the women told lawmakers, when they reported being sexually asawlgted, uc officials didn't sest gate and punish the attacker. lawmakers agreed to audit uc berkeley and three other schools in the next several months. the other schools haven't been selected. a 21-year-old intern at a british bank suddenly collapsed and died. he did work punishing hours. coming up in tep minutes, his exhaustive shift and the change that may be in the works. the time is now 5:37. iraq war veteran, desperately searching for the service dog. the dog named lobo, bernie collie german shepherd mix ran
5:38 am
away. more on the search and how important the dog is. good morning. gionet. >> in the bay area of northeast san jose. we've seen lots of flyers like this posted up here. this shows lobo, the lost service dog. we're here in vinci park, close to the area where lobo went missing. his owner, is a wounded army veteran who uses lobo as a service dog and companion. he recently had knee surgery and couldn't run after lobo when the dog got scooped. wilson helped train the dog through operation freedom dog. word of lobo's disappearance has been spread through social media, where there are many messages of support for wilson. a search at the vinci park and bay area has been planned
5:39 am
yesterday. and if you see lobo or happen to catch him, you're asked to call operation freedom cause. a reward was set for his return. a san diego teenager kidnapped this month, is talking about her relationship with her alleged kidnapper. 16-year-old hannah says she texted james dimaggio before she was kidnapped. she wrote him letters a year ago because he was a family friend and she wasn't getting along with her mother. dimaggio is also accused of killing anderson's mother and 8- year-old brother. dimaggio was killed by an fbi agent the day anderson was rescued. another hearing for the man suspected of kidnapping and killing sierra mar.
5:40 am
the 15-year-old vanished in her home in march of 2012. angela torres was arrested in murder charge a few months later even though her body was never found. garcia tories still hasn't entered a plea. the case has been delayed several times. a sign of the construction of the new bay bridge is almost complete. they will go on a tour on the pedestrian bike path. the first two-thirds of the walkway and bike lane will reopen. the rest won't be open until the summer of 2013 because the existing bridge has to be torn down first. caltrans has released the computer animation simulating what it will be like to drive. drivers may notice a gradual incline, clear sight lines and moving to the decks supported by the self-anchored suspension
5:41 am
tower. there should be less congestion. cars that get stalled or involved in crashes could be moved to shoulders an that will no longer block lanes. >> you will be seeing the tower and cables. you will get the great views of the east bay. we do ask, despite the wow factor, the drivers leave the gaulking to the passengers. >> the chp will shut down the bridge next wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. by running traffic breaks and redirect cars to the other roads much the opening of the new span, means a end to curve. we have posted more video on what you could expect and routes to get around the closure. just look for the links to the s topic. no more s curve. two thieves who robbed two elderly men in oakland. the disguise they used to get inside the home.
5:42 am
pope benedict's surprise resignation. the former pope revealed the real reason why he stepped down. westbound 237. traffic there looks pretty good as you drive to mill pitas and towards san jose. good morning, deseptember fog bank. the high mid level clouds, are they out of the forecast now?
5:43 am
5:44 am
welcome back. new details about pope benedict's surprise resignation. he cited his age and health getting worst when he announced he was stepping down.
5:45 am
the former pope now said, god told him to resign. he surprised catholics when he became the first pope to retire in 600 years. and back at home, we may know as soon as tomorrow if san diego's embattled mayor will resign. mayor filner received a tentative deal involving a sexual harassment charge against him and the city. the specifics haven't been made public yet. the speculation, mayor filner is clearing out his office. last night he was seen leaving city hall in an suv loaded with boxes of files. almost 20 women have accused the almost 70-year-old mayor of sexually harassing him. bradley manning army private just sentenced in military prison for leaking classified documents, he intends to live the remainder
5:46 am
of his life as a woman. he read a statement from his client. it says, "i am chelsea manning. i am female. given the way i feel and felt since childhood i want to begin hormone therapy as soon as possible." manning attorney says the army private is sending president obama a letter explaining why he decided to leak classified documents to wiki leaks and ask for a pardon. during his trial his defense team suggested his struggles with gender identity were a factor in the decision to leak the document. time 5:46. england's largest resource organization will change its guidelines after an intern in bank of america died. the exact cause of death has not been told yet, 20-year-old collapsed and died last week in his apartment in london. he was working three consecutive all nighters.
5:47 am
british companies are expected to set their pay for interns and some work as many as 100 hours a week. res deps say -- residents say they want a controversial billboard to be taken down. that is for the bunny ranch in nevada. some say it's close to bunny ranch, a brothel. a similar billboard near placerville has already been taken down. it's 5:47. uc berkeley is taking steps to improve safety before students return to class next thursday. the police are expected to step up patrols for crime. between 4:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m., students will be able to request a door to door shuttle service. >> it's more convenient that it runs later at night for
5:48 am
students. i'm not entirely sure if it helps the case completely. >> police say last year more than 100 laptops and 300 bicycles were stolen on campus. and they say thieves mostly target distracted students ap students wearing earphones. at we have an entire section dedicated to schools. that includes school start dates and back-to-school shopping which puts a dent in our wallets. >> because you're sitting in for pam. sal says he has no major problems. >> thank you, sal. >> i made it so everything would be great for you. it's nice and easy. >> thank you. >> let's go ahead and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza west bound. you could see traffic is looking pretty good coming up to the pay gates. it's getting busier but not a lot of stop n go traffic. i have a feeling that it will
5:49 am
be one of those things where it will be slow a little later on. also, the morning commute looks pretty good if you are driving on northbound interstate 880. the traffic here is moving nicely with no major issues. let's go to the south bay. you could see traffic all over the places an moving nicely with no major problems. the traffic continues to move along nicely on the peninsula as well. 101 and 280, no major problems in the san mateo bridge. in the east bay, there's a little bit of sluggish traffic in the san jose toll plaza. it's not just major. not quite at the speed limit. we have bart delays this morning from pittsburgh to airport, start that again much bart delays from the san francisco airport to pittsburgh. caltran and muni are on time. >> is that nugs -- >> currently, i'm using your system. >> welcome to the party.
5:50 am
thank you, sal. it looks good. our low, this is more of a september pattern than an august pattern. one guy talking and that's the way it looks. the wrap around will give some cloud cover a possibilities of thundershower. school is back. start off 58 cloudy. 68, a high of 77 degrees. temperatures in the north bay will be in the 70s. the low which is here, has moved past us, to cave mendocino. as it does, it takes the cloudiness and thunderstorm with it. and personally the rim fire could use a little more westerly breeze. i don't think we're expecting any thunderstorm or dry lightning. that's good news. southeast wind. humidity 25 percent. i'd like to get that higher for sure. only 5 percent contained in over 16,000 acres. it does look a little better conditions. and 40s for the mountains.
5:51 am
60s for sacramento and ukiah. it's also north of us so far. 50s and the temps are low 60s. there's a westerly breeze in place for both. quincy, chester susanville, some for the thunderstorm activity. and that's what's happening. fall river mills, beautiful place. beautiful place, if you get a chance to visit. some off ukiah and mendocino, it looks like it's calming a bit. the low will take the cloud up north. and i mentioned some clouds in the north bay and possibility of shower for mendocino and lake county. as it moves north, it will take the energy with it. morning fog and sunny and mostly sunny. and breezy out of the west. we'll keep that in place. 80s for some. couple of upper 80s, very, very low 90s. it looks like temperatures will bump up and a significant
5:52 am
cooling trend will carry us into the weekend. >> thank you, steve. it's nine minutes before 6:00. few minutes ago, labor department announced new jobless claims. 336,000 people filed for first time unemployment insurance much that's up 13,000 from the week before, which is much higher than economists expected. range of total layoffs still remains low. wells fargo gave layoff layoff notices to 2300 people in the mortgage divisions around the country. wells fargo is the largest mortgage lender in the country. it says the number of loans is being refinanced is dropping off as interest rates increase. 7 percent of the business is made up of refinances loans. google glass, an automatic tour guide. it's called field trip. it was released to 10,000 people testing the wearable computer. field trip could automatically
5:53 am
deliver alerts and information about nearby historical landmarks. it will be released to the general public next year. time now, 5:52. the old saying, don't cry over spilled milk. what about half a million cases of white wine. wine maker is dumping wine. and a car smashes into a house. who is driving and why the disaster could have been a lot worst?
5:54 am
we're new to town.ells. welcome to monroe. so you can move more effortlessly... we want to open a new account: checking and savings. well we can help with that. we tend to do a lot of banking online. you play? yeah discover a mobile app that lets you bank more freely... and feel at home more quickly. chase. so you can.
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welcome back, 5:55. an 89-year-old woman was hurt, crashed her car and caused a fiery explosion. it happened on hanson drive off keller avenue yesterday afternoon. investigators think she stepped on the gas instead of the brake in a nearby stop sign. she ran right into the garage and hit a gas meter. that started the fire. >> a lot of loss. a lot of loss. a lot of memories gone much i recently baught a drum set for my daughter, so that's gone. >> a good samaritan pulled the lady out of the car. five children and three adults live in the house. luckily no one was home at the time of the crash.
5:57 am
a new aaa survey shows more than 80 percent of americans believe texting or e-mailing while driving is completely out. and americans are less worried about drunk, drowsy or aggressive driving than they were four years ago. motorists may be growing complaisant about safety risks. palo alto is rolling a new program to help save the lives for those who go into cardiac arrest. this month, the city will be -- will be adding 52 facilities. the average response times to a, a medical call to a city is 5 to 6 minutes. police often arrive at the scene first. with the police carrying the devices, they can increase the chance of a person surviving a heart attack.
5:58 am
the wildfire burning out of control and it's getting closer to yosemite. stay tune. we will give you a live report from the fire lines. >> a wave of robberies. the possible connection between four holdup the past week. right now, traffic is beginning to wake up around the bay area. although it's still looking good here in san jose, northbound 280 to the 17 interchange. plenty of low clouds in place. it's the low that's giving the thunderstorms. is the lightning and forecast out of the forecast? ♪
5:59 am
[ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch from electricity to gas to extend your driving range. no wonder volt is america's best-selling plug-in. that's american ingenuity to find new roads. right now, get a 2013 chevrolet volt for around $269 per month.
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. involving an armed gunman that happened last night. i'll tell you highway they may be -- how they may be connected to the robberies last week. wildfire continues to inch closer to yosemite. we'll have live coverage from the fire lines. live in hayward, where firefighters snuffed out a house fire. why they couldn't use water when they
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